About US

At Kirk House our principal aim is to provide our residents with a friendly, safe, relaxed and homely environment in which their care, well-being and comfort are of prime importance.

The day-to-day aspects of actually ‘running’ Kirk House are looked after by our Registered Manager

We have a team of more than 50 trained staff, including Registered Nurses, Carers (who are trained to at least level NVQ2 & NVQ3), Cooks and their support staff together with Housekeepers, Laundry Assistants and a Handyman. Our Staff training needs are regularly  assessed for competency and action taken to ensure it is up to date in all areas of our activities.

We offer a bright and cheerful atmosphere, with all sorts of activities, including quizzes, relevant games, trips out to local amenities and clubs. Our Activities Coordinator ensures regular ‘in-house’ entertainment is on offer for our residents and the activities on offer is what the residents themselves, have asked for. No one is ‘obliged’ to participate  and we entirely respect the individual’s wishes, although most of our residents find our activities programme enjoyable.

Visitors are always welcome and we are anxious that each resident maintains contact with all his or her family and friends. We have a Visitors Room and our residents may, if they prefer, entertain friends and relatives in their own room.

There are facilities to make Tea or Coffee at any time and only a little ‘twisting’ of Cook’s arm will produce light refreshments for visitors.

Kirk House complies with and adheres to all relevant and appropriate Fire, Security, Health and Safety procedures, which are subject to regular review.